Catmandu 1.00

catmandu_100After 4 years of programming, 88 minor releases we are finally there: the release of Catmandu 1.00! We have pushed the test coverage of the code to 93.97% and added and cleaned a lot of our documentation.

For the new features read our Changes file.

A few important changes should be noted.



By default Catmandu will read and write valid JSON files. In previous versions the default input format was (new)line delimited JSON records as in:


instead of the valid JSON array format:


The old format can still be used as input but will be read much faster when using the –line_delimited  option on the command line. Thus, write:

# fast
$ catmandu convert JSON --line_delimited 1  < lines.json.txt

instead of:

# slow
$ catmandu convert JSON < lines.json.txt

By default Catmandu will export in the valid JSON-array format. If you still need to use the old format, then provide the –line_delimited option on the command line:

$ catmandu convert YAML to JSON --line_delimited 1 < data.yaml

We thank all contributors for these wonderful four years of open source coding and we wish you all four new hacking years. Our thanks goes to:


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